About Us

Another Recruitment Site?

Vet Pursuits is not just another recruitment site. We aim to improve on traditional vet recruitment by having you in mind, whether you be a practice or an individual, whether you are in the United Kingdom or New Zealand, America or Germany (of course, all other countries are welcome!), looking for locum work or permanent. We are there to help you in Pursuit of the next step of your journey. 

Designed with Staff in Mind

Vet Pursuits is designed by vets, for vets, nurses, practice managers and students. We know when you are looking for jobs what is important, so we have given you the chance to narrow down jobs to just those that offer what you want. By building your own profile page, we also let you show what makes you special so you can make yourself stand out to employers.

Designed with Practices in Mind

Vet Pursuits' designers all understand the challenges faced when trying to recruit staff. As such, we are the first veterinary recruitment site to allow you to show yourself off. Let potential employees know what is great about you and what you do. No word limits, no size restrictions. Build your practice profile and then use it as the base every time you need to employ, whether it is a vet nurse, vet, practice manager, or you just want to get first crack at the best EMS students around. 

Designed with YOU in Mind

Whether you are an employer or an employee, Vet Pursuits offers you recruitment that works for you. But not just that … We are working together with a number of related businesses to bring you special rates on products. The list is rapidly growing but is far from complete so keep coming back to see what we can offer you in Pursuit of your future. 

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