April Fool’s Day Ideas For Practice Social Media Pages

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It is always fun to put something up to celebrate April Fool’s Day on your clinic’ social media pages! Here are some of our ideas for you;

🤣 An unusual in-patient. A cuddly toy under a blanket can be anything! If you are in a specific area, you can play on that. How about a poorly haggis if you are in Scotland – maybe on an Iron Bru drip? Or a Dragon that has lost their puff in Wales – just keep them away from the oxygen!

😂 An egg bound Easter Bunny! It’s just around the corner and poor bunny needs to be on top form for the big day!

😂 Dress up a staff members pet and introduce your newest team member! They will be the purrfect addition to the team and will never have a ruff day. They may have some unorthodox examination methods (most vets don’t sniff bottoms to make a diagnosis) but they understand their patients perfectly and are happy to take payment in Bonios and Lik-e-lix!

😂 If you do poultry work, sit one of your patients on top of an Easter Egg (or find a stock photo) and announce you are pleased and proud to be playing an integral part in the nation’s Easter Egg production efforts.

😂 For equine vets, expand your services to unicorns! Rare and delicate creatures, they need specific care that you are now trained to offer. Rainbow laser and glitter powders and sparkle scoping are all now part of your mythical service! And, of course, as they poop sweets, your vet’s will never go hungry on the job!

🤣 If you are in cow work, the possibilities when it comes to rectal scanning are endless, as are the utilities of full length gloves. Maybe you could offer a new fangled deep scanning service, its a two person job obviously as one colleague has to hold onto the other ones feet as they take a deep dive but you are always prepared to go to greater efforts for your clients! You just have to make sure they hold on to their head torches while they are in there, they leave enough equipment on the farms as it is.

What do you think? What have you got planned?

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