Change – are you seeking it or afraid to make the move? 

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Dr Sarah Paterson MBA MRCVS is a Veterinary Surgeon working in clinical practice and also a Multi-modality Therapist and Transformational Life Coach. She uses her skills help her clients overcome their overwhelm, gain clarity in their career and action their ambitions. You can find out more about Sarah and her work on her Facebook page, Instagram and Website.

Are you comfortable with the idea of change or is there a part of you holding you back from stretching your boundaries and testing what you have learned? 

Life is not an exam. It is the individual who brings the bookwork of studies to life. Unique talents add interpretation and creativity to problem solving, to new ways of working. 

Knowing oneself well is key to managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Many confuse tenacity with resilience, tenacity is to keep plugging away with the same issues plaguing us. Imagine a spring so stretched that it can’t return to shape, by trying to stretch and recover it is ‘tenacious’. Resilience is to reset to calm – a spring which returns to its natural shape, before it was stretched. 

Being able to be calm at a moment’s notice is a key part of becoming resilient. The ability to stop overthinking and to feel at peace is a basic human need. We live in the feeling of our thinking – we act on the feelings generated by our thoughts. We can choose which of our thoughts to entertain and in turn to create the feelings driving our actions. 

Do the words ‘work’, ‘career’, ‘home’, ‘free time’ bring you a sense of calm and reassurance or unrest? If you have not planned and actively chosen your lifestyle, keeping all opportunities open to you, likely as not you are now just going through the motions, your days are about ‘doing’ and are not allowing you the experiences of being human. 

When seeking change or when change is imposed upon us, knowing in which direction we are headed helps. On any journey you can choose adventures or to play safe. Most change begins with – a part of you wants to embrace it and a part of you is holding you back.

Whether you are stuck and without direction, are unsure as to the resources or energy you have for change, or simply just don’t know if change would be a good thing, awareness that many of our reservations lie in the subconscious mind is the first step to unlocking your true potential. Emotions always win over logic. Some problems can’t be resolved logically, consciously – just as if I asked you to unlearn to ride a bicycle or how to drive a car, it would be impossible. 

The more we try not to worry – the more we do. Hypnotic, Neuro Linguistic Programming and IEMT techniques are invaluable in reclaiming a sense of self, our true identity and the reason for getting up each morning. Transformational Life Coaching focuses on who we are, wherever we are – our values and beliefs and what drives our decisions. 

Within moments you can change, reset to calm, overcome the overwhelm of demanding and stressful days, find the energy it takes to be truly resilient and, peace. 

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