Job Hunting in Final Year

Everything changes in the final year of Vet School. Many of us have spent the majority of our lives building up to this and personally, the thought of life afterwards was equal parts exciting and terrifying. VetSchool will end though, and at some point, we have to make a plan for what comes next.


There’s no right way to ‘do’ final year, as long as you pass, and that applies to job hunting too. There are plenty of places online to search for jobs, but those in practise around you are also a great resource: If you’ve met a vet whose journey resonates with you, don’t be afraid to start up a conversation. They might know of an opportunity that’s perfect for you or have a contact who does. As final years we have so much exposure to the wider profession – use that network.


One thing I’d recommend is getting your CV ready early on, leaving enough time to get feedback. Whether it’s through your university careers service, mentors in practice or your own network, another pair of eyes looking over your CV can be so helpful. Once you’re happy with the draft, adapting it for each application can be done without a mad rush for the deadline.


Someone once told me there is no such thing as a ‘dream job’, only one that’s right for you at that point in time. Before you start looking at job applications, work out what your priorities are. Staying near family, structured development and doing 100% farm were key for me, but this list will be different for everyone. Every job will have its down sides, but if it’s ticking the majority of the boxes then it might be worth going for.


In my experience, no one in this incredible profession will think less of you for sticking your head above the parapet, starting that conversation or asking someone you admire for advice. Throwing yourself into job hunting might work for some people, but others would rather focus on their studies.  That is completely fine. I have friends who have looked for jobs early, and others who are waiting until after finals. Final year is tough enough without the pressure to sign a contract if you’d really rather focus on your studies.

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