Matt Dobbs – my career as a vet!

I love my vet career because I love working with people ……. “All People Great and Small”.

Little did I know when I started out on my working life that a career in veterinary medicine was more about helping people than it was about healing animals! And the variety that working with people and their animals provides for an amazing stimulating day……each day …..and each year of my career! And staying flexible means I have ‘my stuff’ together – so keeping healthy, maintaining my income and planning for the future are all important plans to make! Making friends and contacts …..and knowing the career opportunities available has ensured I can be in control.

Where you qualified from: University of Edinburgh

Your current role: Global Chief Medical Officer, Destination Pet

Your career advice: Live a life of life-long learning! ….. what does this mean…… study for additional qualifications, … and learn from experiences, …….work in different clinics, business and institutions,…. Patience and persistence always leads to delayed gratification. Find the best working role for you for each stage of your career.

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