Our Favourite Clinical Facebook Groups

Social media is a brilliant place for clinical resources, support and education, particularly FaceBook and its groups. Here are some of our favourite veterinary groups on Facebook.

Veterinary Nutrition UK

This is a new group and fairly small at the moment but is a good one to ask veterinary nutrition questions, especially regarding home prepared and raw diets.

Veterinary Anaesthesia Nerds

A very busy and supportive group that discusses all aspects of veterinary anaesthesia. They also have a great podcast which we can recommend!

MCT & More: Mast Cell Tumor and Skin Tumor Veterinary Case Support

This group is exactly what it suggests! A resource for clinical decision making about mast cell tumours and other skin tumours. It is run by Dr Sue Cancer Vet, who is very active in the comment and hugely knowledgable about this subject.

Veterinary Cytology Coffeehouse: Cases and Conversation

Currently posting by members is paused on this page but we are hoping it comes back soon because this is a great group for help and advice on in-house cytology. However, their back catalogue of images and posts is still incredibly useful and educational for anyone wanting to expand their pathology skills.

Canine Research Studies

This is not a vet specific group but they share really interesting papers on all aspects of dog research and if you have a particular query, this is a good place to ask if there are any studies or evidence for or against it.

Veterinarian Palliative Medicine Group

If you perform in-home euthanasias and are interested in evidence based palliative care, this is a great place to go for advice and support.

FIP Warriors®- Veterinarians

Since the new treatment for GS treatment for FIP came on the market, there has been huge interest from pet owners but it has been challenging for vets to find support for treatment protocols, even in countries which now have a licensed product. This group is very helpful if you have questions!

Living With Leish

Living with Leish is mainly a support group for dog owners whose pets have the disease but the vets who run it give extremely good clinical advice about the diagnosis and management of the condition and are willing to help colleagues with cases as well. This is one of the very few groups on Facebook that gives sensible medical advice and is highly supportive of vets! If you have a case of Leish, we can highly recommend it.

Veterinary professionals:Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy DCM in Dogs

There are two main groups for diet related DCM on Facebook and this one is exclusively for veterinary professionals. They give case advice but also share the latest information, updates and evidence on the condition.

Veterinary Neonate and Pediatric Support Group

Most vet professionals will end up hand rearing baby animals at some point! And also giving veterinary care to the very young can be different to the more mature. This group is full of brilliant advice and support right from birth.

Canine: Nutrition & Dog Food Discussion

Like the feline version of this group, this is mainly aimed at pet owners with queries about what to feed their pets but as it heavily supports science and evidence based brands, it is a good place for vet professionals to go to learn more about this approach and gain confidence in recommending brands. They also have a huge amount of useful diet information in their ‘files’ section.

Wildlife advice for Vets/RVNs

Much like hand rearing, all vet professionals will have cared for wildlife and it can be challenging sometimes to know what is in the animals best interests and even what drugs and dosages to chose. This group is currently paused for new posts but they have a huge amount of really useful resources in the ‘files’ section.

Veterinary Exotics Small Talk

This is a great group for clinical advice about treating exotic species. Questions mainly revolve around small furries and the more common reptile species but they are very happy to help with anything more weird and wonderful!

RWAF Vet Group

This group is part of the Rabbit Welfare Fund and Association, an organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of rabbits. So, if you have a clinical or husbandry question about bunnies, this is the place to ask!

BVDA Veterinary Dentistry Discussion

If you need advice, support or information about any aspect of pet dentistry, this group is absolutely brilliant.

Don’s Derm Discussion – Thistle Veterinary Referrals

For anything dermatology related, you need to be a member of Dom’s Derm Discussion! This is a brilliant, active group with many members holding further qualifications in dermatology.

First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound group

First Opinion is run by Camilla Edwards, a peripatetic veterinary ultrasonographer. In this group people ask for advice on ultrasound images, which is really educational for all members, and also tips on machine choice and usage.

Small Animal Medicine Discussion Page

A great place to pick the brains of colleagues if you have a medical case that is puzzling you and reading the case histories and discussions is great for CPD and expanding your knowledge!

Small Animal Surgery Discussion Page

This page was founded by Dr Abbie Tipler in 2017 and is a great place to post queries on surgical cases. There is a slant towards orthopaedics but soft tissue surgery is often discussed and members are very helpful and non-judgemental

Feline Medicine Veterinary Group

A great group for any feline medical queries you have. The membership is active and international and very knowledgable.

Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary dentist Brett Beckman runs this group and regularly chimes in on the comments. This group is really helpful for clinical case review, radiography and dental equipment.

Veterinary Wound Library

We LOVE this group! It is run by the amazing RVN Georgie Hollis and she is generally on hand to give advice but many members are extremely knowledgable and helpful. If you have a wound of any description you need advice on how to help heal, this is the place to ask!

Veterinary ECC Small Talk

The international membership of the group means that no matter the time of day you ask for help or advice, there is usually someone awake who can help! It is brilliantly education to scroll through the posts and this is a must for anyone in clinical practice, not just those working in ECC.

Veterinary Cytology

The brilliant veterinary pathologist Francesco Cian runs this group and posts regular cases from his clinical work to help his members learn.

Behavioural Medicine Discussion Group

This group is solely for veterinary surgeons, they don’t admit nurses or techs as yet, which is a shame because it is a great, evidence based, force free advice group.

DVM – Radiology Rounds

A brilliant place to share radiographs that are puzzling you, or just show something really cool!

Vet Wings

This group was started during the pandemic to help students gain access to clinical cases while they weren’t allowed into practices to see them in real life. It has continued to be active and vets regularly post real life work-ups.

Are there any we have missed? If you are in a clinical facebook group that you love and it isn’t on our list, please get in touch on our Facebook page and let us know!

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