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There are some amazing veterinary nurses sharing their clinical knowledge and skills on Instagram, here are some of our favourites that we can highly recommend you follow! This list is in no particular order and if you think we have missed anyone out, please let us know by contacting us on our FaceBook page!

Nutrition RVN

Jess is one of the leading veterinary voices in the online space for nutrition. Her posts are brilliantly educational, both for vet professionals and for pet owners.


Georgia works at Liverpool University in their Weight Management Clinic and is an expert in pet obesity care. (She isn’t fat, her patients are!). Her page is full of great information on how to support pets and owners on their weight loss journey.


Jack Pye RVN

Jack is a pioneer for veterinary nurses in many ways!  He is a champion for ultrasonography and passionate about encouraging vet nurses to perform it in their clinics and, being male, he is raising the public profile of male veterinary nurses and showing it is not just a career for women.


Laura is a hugely experienced and highly qualified RVN who shares her knowledge on her pages. Follow for easy to digest and clinically relevant posts that will really help you in practice.

The Cat Nurse RVN

Alexandra works with iCatCare, so is an expert on all things cat! Her posts on behaviour and environmental management are brilliant.

Jack Pye RVN

Jack is a champion for veterinary nurses in many ways!  He is passionate about ultrasonography and upskilling RVNs to be able to perform it in clinical practice and, being male, he is a great ambassador for showing that this career isn’t just for women.

Oncology RVN

Nursing cancer patients can be challenging, which is where Inge’s page comes in! Although she works in a referral setting, her posts are fantastic for first opinion practitioners.


Courtney is a Veterinary Nurse who is an expert in anaesthesia. She lectures regularly on the subject, hosts the Burton’s podcast and shares her extensive knowledge on this page!


Sophie is an RVN and holds a VTS in Small Animal Internal Medicine. She posts regularly about her team in clinical practice, their protocols and achievements.

Lou The Vet Nurse

Lou is a rock star in the UK veterinary nursing community. Her pages are a brilliant resource for education and celebration of the profession.

Tissue Viability Nurse

Amelia lectures regularly on wound management and shares that knowledge regularly on her page.

Physio Vet Nurse

Physiotherapy is growing area in veterinary medicine and more nurses are using it as a tool in practice. Hannah is both an RVN and a qualified physio, which means her page is a great place for good quality, relevant information on the subject.

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