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Podcasts are a brilliant way of getting in your CPD hours with very little effort and there is a huge range of brilliant ones for the veterinary profession! Here are some of our favourites (listed in alphabetical order so we can’t be accused of favouritism!)

The Anaesthesia Nerds podcast is exactly as it sounds! A podcast for anaesthesia and pain management nerds to geek out together. But even if you aren’t super focussed on the subject, it is a really interesting and relevant listen, tune in here.


This podcast from Clinician’s Brief is based on the articles they have in the magazine and website. The host interviews the writer of the article and quizzes them on the clinical case, their approach to it and the issues that arose. This is a great, entertaining listen for vets in clinical practices and the range of subjects covered is vast. Check it out here; Clinicians Brief: The Podcast


The Cone Of Shame podcast is hosted by the always entertaining Dr Andy Roark. He chats to people from all areas of our profession, discussing everything from clinical cases, to employment, wellness and management. Check it out here.



This podcast is from Burtons Veterinary Equipment and features chats between anaesthesia experts Keith and Courtney from their clinical team on all aspects of clinical anaesthesia and anaesthetic equipment. It is a great choice for anyone keen to understand more about their anaesthetic machines and the theory of anaesthesia and would be particularly helpful for student veterinary nurses or those training for anaesthesia certificates. Check it out here; Conversations with Keith and Courtney


The Derm Vet Podcast is hosted by Dr Ashley Bourgeious DVM, Dip ACVD and makes dermatology more ‘fun than frustrating’! She covers a massive range of dermatological conditions and conundrums and makes what can be a challenging subject interesting and accessible.


The ISFM is always a great source of information for feline medicine and their new podcast is no exception! Check it out here.


The More Than Just A Vet podcast is hosted by Francisco Gómez MRCVS and is his passion project to find out more about the people behind the mask. He interviews vets and nurses from across our profession to find out their stories, their passions and what motivates them. Check it out here.


The Purr Podcast is all cats! Hosted by feline specialist Dr Susan Little and surgical specialist Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn they cover clinical subjects and chat to other cat fans. Check it out here.


Dr Judy Puddifoot is a brilliant conversationalist and in each episode chats to a different person from either the veterinary or animal professional world.  She draws out interesting insights and tales from them and this podcast can be enjoyed by both veterinary people and pet owners.

The VTX podcast is hosted by Scott Kilpatrick MRCVS an RCVS Medicine Specialist. Each episode is split into two halves; in the first Scott chats to someone from with the vet profession about their career, experiences and skills and in the second he talks through a particular medical subject. This is great, easy and entertaining listening and Scott makes some difficult clinical concepts much easier to understand! Check out the VTX podcast here; https://vtxpodcast.podbean.com/

The Vet Girl podcast is hosted by Dr Justine Lee, an ECC specialist. She summarises cool papers, discusses clinical scenarios, interviews fellow professionals, chats about career paths and progression and also occasionally touches on work/life balance and personal issues. Check it out here.


The Vet Times podcast comes from this British veterinary industry publication. The hosts discuss recent articles with the authors and current issues that are facing the profession. Check it out here.


The Vet Vault podcast has two versions, one free to listen to and another only available to paid subscribers. Both are definitely worth listening to but the free version is still packed with relevant, interesting clinical information from the hosts Dr Gerado Poli and Dr Hubert Hiemstra

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