Savvy Vet Series – Working From Home

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As more of us have been asked to spend time working from home, or certainly working away from the office, there may be extra costs incurred, such as phone bills, heating, and electricity. This may be a new situation for many employees, who could be concerned about these extra costs.

Thankfully, the government has provisions in place for exactly this situation; where employees are required to work from home. This does not apply if you choose to work from home. There is provision to claim tax relief against the extra costs associated with working from home.

As we are not regulated by the FCA, we cannot advise on whether this applies in individual circumstances, however we can point you in the right direction. For anyone currently undertaking self-assessment tax returns using a tax advisor, they will be able to advise on how to reclaim tax related to working from home. Otherwise, the government link below explains the exact situation regarding tax relief for working from home. It also has a handy tool to decide whether that tax relief applies in your situation, and if so how to reclaim the tax.
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