Vet Group Starts New Facebook Group to Support EMS

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The group behind VetWings, the student virtual veterinary EMS facebook group, has created a new facebook group to help facilitate students reverting to in-practice EMS. As the number of practices offering EMS at the moment is still quite low, and with the reduction of practice accommodation, many students are reporting the lack of available, affordable accomodation around practices is limiting opportunities for them to undertake EMS.

The new VetBeds page aims to help here by offering a forum for vets and students alike. The aim is for veterinary surgeons to post any accommodation they may be able to offer to students, including at what rate, and in what location. Equally, students are encouraged to state where and when they would be looking for accommodation.

The group shares admins with the VetWings and VetTips groups, and defines VetBeds as: “A group for veterinary medicine students requiring affordable accommodation to complete EMS/placements.Welcoming veterinary students or qualified vets to offer up suitable places for others.”

A positive move for the profession, and one that we at Vet Pursuits welcomes.

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