What We Do

Vet Pursuits is a Career Development Platform

that helps veterinary surgeons, nurses, technicians, managers, (whatever your role in veterinary may be!) to network
openly and see which job opportunities are available for the taking…


Connecting People

We help to connect anyone within the Global Veterinary Community to explore career opportunities and guide them in a safe space…

Safe Space

We have a totally transparent approach which allows candidates to see employers in an open manner and there are absolutely No Commission or Recruitment Finders Fees.



Explore a wide variety of attractive job roles & feel confident that nobody will be profiteering through finder’s fees. Be safe and relaxed in the knowledge that your next career move is your choice and your remuneration package won’t have been influenced or eroded by recruitment costs.


Get connected, directly and transparently with your next fabulous team member. Businesses can be confident that they only pay for cost-effective adverts that they place with no commission, finder’s fees or additional costs brewing in the background. We actively support employers to be able to invest fully in their new team members…

Its win-win for both employer and employee helping you to invest completely in each other from the very beginning…

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  • Moor View, Inches, Cornwall, PL30 5LR

  • info@vetpursuits.com

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