5 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Resigning…

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It’s no secret that the mounting pressure within the accelerating veterinary sector continues to take its toll on so many of us, leading to frequent revaluation of career direction and decision making. The added uncertainty that a global health crisis brings can naturally lead to increased tolerance and appreciation of the security that ‘any’ form of current employment can provide, regardless of working conditions…but with so many exciting career development opportunities out there what should you do?

1: Has Your Health or Well-being been compromised?

Whilst completely escaping stress, tiredness and the odd bad day can be challenging in any employment setting, it is well understood that these can be amplified within the veterinary profession, whilst also being linked with progression to serious mental health issues including anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing disturbed sleep or find yourself routinely ‘down’ or complaining about a toxic working environment, whilst sinking into a bottle of wine it is worth considering your options immediately and seeking some friendly advice.

2: Is Your Career Progression or Advancement Limited?

Have you been stuck in the same role for more than 3-4 years carrying out the same monotonous routine procedures? Perhaps you have seen colleagues promoted into positions over you as part of restructures, or is there simply no clear direction or pathway for you to pursue? The emphasis placed on salary and title can be valued differently between individuals, it is important to not only know your worth but also ensure that you understand how other employers are prepared to value your contributions both professionally and financially. If you don’t know, why not find out and dabble in a bit of socially distanced window shopping… www.vetpursuits.com 

Has your career stopped progressing?

…So, you’ve decided to read on, a strong indicator that a career move might already be on your agenda!

3: Has Your Learning Stagnated?  

It is not only highly fulfilling to acquire new skillsets and learn about unfamiliar techniques but is fundamental to career development. There is often an upward ‘learning’ trend when you commence new roles which can typically begin to plateau as you become settled within your role, however, the opportunities to explore postgraduate qualifications & professional CPD are both broad and readily available but can be frequently underutilised, ensure that you are aligned with an employer that is prepared to ‘invest’ in you.

4: Do You Feel Underappreciated?

If you did a great job recently, did anybody let you know? It is often the simplest, cheapest form of gratitude but the importance of communicating a simple ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ is often overlooked. This lack of acknowledgement can often leave you feeling invisible, underappreciated and that your contributions are unrecognised or a waste of time. 

5: Is That Urge to Explore ‘Something Different’ Calling?

So, it just happens that you are superb in your role, ‘the best’, and you are surrounded by the most supportive team in a fabulous working environment, conditions are beyond ideal, but you just don’t wake up excited by work anymore, the passion is waning… Breathe a sigh of relief, don’t worry there are plenty of alternative and diverse roles out there to sink your enthusiastic teeth into and regain job fulfilment through other interests within the veterinary industry, a leap of faith is all that is required. 

Is it time to try something different?

Take Action & Have No Regrets

Most of us can’t simply quit tomorrow, as your partner, kids or even mortgage lender might have some ‘input’, but you can still focus and proactively plan your future career steps. These may range from opening up a dialogue with your current employer to uploading your profile to the www.vetpursuits.com resume page where you can showcase your skills to a prospective employer!

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