5 tips for working from home

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Over this week, the team at Vet Pursuits will be bringing you our top 5 tips for working from home. As much as lockdown is being relaxed, working from home will remain a bigger part of our lives going forwards so we thought we would try to share some of our experiences.

Treat yourself

I am not a big coffee drinker, but I love a chai latte or hot chocolate. My wife adores her coffee. Working from home can mean missing your little treat from the independent coffee shop down the road (we still like you if you drink at the chain coffee shops as well), however it does not mean you have to either go without or fork out hundreds for a fancy coffee machine.

We bought a milk frother and it has been our most-used kitchen utensil in history I think! The kettle is nearly redundant. Simply stick your milk in it and turn it on, 2 minutes later and your milk is the perfect temperature with just the right amount of froth too. Definitely makes a mid-morning tea break more enjoyable (as do the right biscuits but that’s an argument I am not willing to start!)

Even better, this one is currently discounted, well worth the money we would say. Unfortunately it does not come with a guide to coffee art so there will be a lot of ‘froth clouds’!

Check out this milk frother to upgrade your tea breaks

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