Our Favourite Clinical Veterinary Surgeon Instagrammers

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There are some brilliant vets on Instagram creating clinical content for their colleagues. Here, in no particular order, are some of our favourite accounts!

(And this list isn’t exhaustive, so if you think we have missed off someone brilliant, please let us know by posting or messaging us on our Facebook page)

Morten Vet Dentist

Morten is a veterinary dentist from Denmark who shares his work and educational videos on his pages. If you are keen on learning more advanced dental techniques, or just want to get better at first opinion dental work, this is an excellent place to go!

Louisa The Vet

Louisa is a clinic director in a busy first opinion practice in the UK. She regularly shares her surgical and medical cases and work-ups and is a great resource for both vets in practice and students, especially those in their clinical years.

You are read the blog Louisa has written for us about her career journey here

Dr Zoltan

Dr Zoltan is an internationally recognised specialist in Exotic medicine and surgery and shares pictures videos of his cases. The videos in-particular are amazing, showing in close-up the delicate techniques he uses on small species he cares. If you are looking to expand your exotics knowledge, particularly with respect to surgery, his account is a must follow!

Dr Sue Cancer Vet

Dr Sue Ettinger, an oncology specialist based in America shares her cases and work-ups on her Instagram and although she covers all aspect of cancer treatment, she is particularly brilliant for advice on how to use Stelfonta for Mast Cell Tumours. Check out her ‘Highlights’ tab for several different cases from start to finish.

Clin Path at Cornell

This account is run by the Veterinary Clinical Pathologists at Cornell University, who share microscopy images from clinical cases. They pose clinical questions, point out the relevant findings in the images and, in most posts, give you the answers there and then!

James Cellini DVM

Dr Cellini is a board certified neurologist practicing in America. His caseload is main referral but he presented them in a way that is relevant to the first opinion clinician.

Vet_Cardio – Kieran Borget MRCVS

Kieran is a Recognised RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology and uses his channel to share his cases, particularly ultrasound imagery and ECGs,

Toothy.Thomson – Amy Thomson, DVM, DAVDC

As a Board Certified Veterinary Dentist and Oral Surgeon Amy is well placed to help her colleagues expand their dentistry knowledge and she does it in a really entertaining and engaging way, creating

reels and posts that are fun and fascinating!

GotItchyPet – Dr Millie Rosales

Dr Millie posts regular cases, their presentation, work-up and treatment from her clinic in Miami. She has created a brilliant resource for learning.

veterinary_cytology – Francisco Cian

Francisco, a Recognised Specialist in Clinical Pathology runs this pathology account, and a Facebook group. He posts microscopy images of clinical cases and tips on how to get the most out of your in-house cytology

Dr Gerado Poli

Gerado is an ECC vet in Australia and regularly posts emergency and surgical cases and their management on his page.

Veterinary Parasitology

This very cool account (for vets at least) posts microscopy pictures of a huge variety parasites. It is a great one for students to follow!


This account is in Spanish but is easily translated if that isn’t a language you understand. It shares some great radiography images.

Feline Healthy Ageing Clinic

The Feline Healthy Ageing Clinic is a research project based at Liverpool Veterinary School looking into the care of geriatric cats and how we can best care for them. Their page is full of great information and tips about our elderly moggies!

Doc Of All Trades

Caitlin is a DVM with a real passion for nutrition and a talent for taking difficult nutrition concepts and making them easy to understand for her colleagues.

The Vetahead

The VetAhead are a collective of veterinary professionals dedicated to enhancing the professions knowledge of exotic species. They post regular clinical cases and information on their page.

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