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Social media is a place we all hangout, and spending time with our peers in a supportive environment can be a huge boon for our mental health and knowing we are all part of an amazing profession and community. Here, in no particular order, are our favourites and if we have missed any out, please get in touch via our Facebook page and let us know!

Veterinary Voices

Veterinary Voices is a UK based Facebook group but members are welcome worldwide! It is a place for clinical and professional discussion and questions, news and meme sharing.

Vet Mums

Another UK based group but again it has members from many countries. It is mainly veterinary mums but dads are welcome too, as are those without families! This is a fantastically welcoming and supportive group where you can ask questions and reach out in a very non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Veterinary Voices Equine

This group, as it suggests, is for equine vets to meet, discuss cases, current affairs and anything that interests them!

Vets! Stay, Go or Diversify

This is the private group linked to the public page of the same. This page is a great place to go if you are considering a career change in any direction.

Veterinary Spoonholders

This group is for all members of the veterinary community who live with chronic illness. It is supportive, understanding and very informative if you have questions how to manage your career alongside your condition.

Veterinary Voices Hiking Group

A spin-off from the original group, this is a place for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors! The inspiration behind it is to share a love of exercise, and promote the positive impact walking and fresh air has on our mental health.

Vet Wings

This group was created in the pandemic as a place for seeing ‘virtual practice’ for veterinary students who weren’t able to get into clinics. Since then it has continued, both as somewhere clinical conundrums are shared but also a group where students and new graduates can ask questions and get support on all aspects of their jobs.

Vet Beds

A sister group to Vet Wings, Vet Beds aims to solve the problem many students have with finding affordable accommodation for EMS. They connect students with people who can help them.

Veterinary Voices EMS Opportunities

After it became clear how difficult it is for veterinary students to find EMS placements these days, this group was set up with similar aims to Vet Beds; to connect those looking for opportunities to those who are able to provide them.

Vet Active

A place to share sporting exploits, achievements and arrange meet-ups with like-minded active colleagues.

The Veterinary Confidence Club

This group is run by vet and confidence coach Louise Littler and is dedicated to helping all members of the veterinary profession grow in confidence. She has created a safe space to express concerns and worries and regularly shares posts to normalise these and how to combat negative thoughts and emotions.

Vet Mums In Leadership Roles

If you are a veterinary mother and in a position of leadership, it can be a really challenging balance of roles. This group is a place where you can find people in a similar position, ask questions and get support.

Vet Nurse Chatter

This is a great place for vet nurses to chat about cases, careers and anything they feel they need support from their peers on

Vet Nurse Wish List

This group was created to encourage Veterinary Nurses to get involved with current issues facing our profession, advice, tips, stories, CPD and anything else that interests them. It is a fun and friendly group with a really active membership.

Vet Med Raw

This group is mainly based in America and so the cases and discussions tend to be most relevant to that country but even so the issues, cases and dilemmas we face tend to be very similar the world over!

Deliriously Happy Veterinarian Support Group

This group is not for the faint of heart or the delicate of constitution but it is a really fun place to hang out! Again, mainly American based but most of the issues discussed are very relevant wherever in the world you practice.

Stupid Things Pet Owners Say

Another group that has some very robust opinions and situations discussed but we think most veterinary professionals have pretty hardy senses of humour and high bars for intolerance. Sometimes it’s good to be able to express yourself!

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